Running Club Pack


NipGuards are a patented product that is guaranteed to prevent painful nipple chafing and abrasion for endurance athletes on long training runs. The NipGuards Running Club Pack is perfect for running clubs or groups of runners that want to get a discount on the purchase of NipGuards. 100 pairs of NipGuards are individually packaged in zip-lock bags with instructions, making them easy to hand out or distribute to everyone before the group run. Offered at a discount to the regular price of NipGuards, the NipGuards Running Club Pack comes nicely packaged in a custom black mesh bag. The mesh bag is washable, re-usable and a nice way to keep personal items organized in your gym bag.

Product Description

NipGuards are a patented product that have revolutionized the market for protection against painful nipple chafing and abrasion. Used primarily by male athletes (woman typically wear bra’s and do not experience the problem), millions of NipGuards have been successfully used since the product was launched in 1999. The Individual Runner’s Pack shown here contains 10 pairs of NipGuards. Each disposable pair is good for one long training run. NipGuards adhere directly to the base of the nipple (and not your chest – so they won’t fall off due to sweat) and are 100% guaranteed not to fall off until you decide to remove them. NipGuards are not necessary for everyday use, but are used regularly in long training runs and all types of endurance competitions, including 10k’s, half marathons, marathons, 100-mile ultra marathons and even triathlons (in the water, on the bike and on the run). Quirky product, but they work. Wear them proudly and enjoy your workout… you’ll have one less pain to worry about. Remember, some pain hurts so good — chafing doesn’t.


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