NipGuards – FAQ

How long have NipGuards been around?


NipGuards were patented and launched in 1999. Millions have been worn successfully in all types of endurance sports including marathons, triathlons and ultra marathons. To a lesser extent, NipGuards are worn in other sports such as surfing, soccer, basketball and golf.

Do NipGuards Work?


NipGuards are 100% guaranteed to work. When applied properly, NipGuards will never fall off.

Do women need NipGuards?


Nope. Women typically wear sports bra’s which add a layer of protection such that the problem typically does not occur. NipGuards were designed for men… as a less obvious alternative to wearing a bra!

Where can I purchase NipGuards?


NipGuards are available in specialty running stores throughout the US, Canada and Europe. If you have access to a specialty running store – please support them!!! NipGuards are NOT available in any mainstream, big box sporting goods stores. If you do not have access to a local specialty running store, there are several on-line / catalog companies that sell NipGuards. As a last resort, you can always buy NipGuards directly from us on this website. Please see the Store Locator page to find a specialty running store near you that carries NipGuards.

Why do NipGuards not fall off?


NipGuards adhere to the base of your nipple and not your chest. This is important because you do not sweat through the base of your nipple, so once the adhesive is properly set – they won’t fall off due to sweat. The same thing is true for chest hair.

What is the guarantee?


It’s simple. NipGuards will work to your satisfaction or your money back. Occasionally, new users of NipGuards experience problems with NipGuards falling off. In almost all cases, the NipGuards were not applied properly. If your NipGuards fall off, please read the instructions carefully and try it again. Having said that, if you’re not satisfied, contact us and we’ll refund your money.

Are NipGuards re-usable?


No. Each pair of NipGuards is for a single use.

Do I need NipGuards on every training run?


No. While it varies, most guys begin to experience nipple chafing at around the 10-mile mark. We suggest only using NipGuards on long training runs and in races. In extreme weather such as rain or high humidity, chafing problems are exacerbated. NipGuards are waterproof and work great in all weather conditions.

I'm a triathlete. What's the best way to use NipGuards?


Apply NipGuards during race prep underneath your wetsuit. If lubing up, be sure to apply NipGuards to a clean, dry nipple. Be careful when putting on and/or taking off wetsuit not to break the adhesive seal. NipGuards will last the entire race.

Will NipGuards work in the rain?


Absolutely. Running in the rain is when nipple chafing is at its worst! NipGuards are waterproof and work great in the rain. Be sure to apply NipGuards to a clean dry nipple prior to getting wet.