NipGuards – Instructions

NipGuards are very easy to use. For best results, please apply NipGuards carefully as follows.

NOTE: NipGuards work best when applied to a clean, dry nipple. Please apply NipGuards before beginning your workout or warming up. If your skin is naturally oily, it may be necessary to wash your nipples with soap and water or an alcohol swab prior to use to allow the medical adhesive to properly set!

      1. On first use, pull cap to open product. This breaks the safety seal that ensures product has not been tampered with.
      2. Remove one strip of NipGuards from the container.
      3. Gently remove NipGuard by:
          a) Bending the clear backing
          b) Scraping fingernail underneath NipGuard to release the adhesive
          NOTE: Do NOT pull on foam portion of NipGuard as it may tear
      4. Hold NipGuard around the edges being careful not to touch adhesive.
      5. Push chest hair (if any) away from nipple and apply NipGuard.
      6. Adhere NipGuard directly on nipple, placing the adhesive on the base of the nipple.
      7. The tip of the nipple will fit inside the hollow center of the NipGuard.
      8. Press down on NipGuard with the palm of your hand for 5 seconds to let the adhesive properly set.
      9. Repeat with second NipGuard.
      10. Be careful when putting on shirt over NipGuard.
      11. If you are wearing a race bib, be sure pins will not rub against NipGuards.


When applied properly, NipGuards will not fall off until you decide to remove them. When you are done with your workout, gently peel NipGuards off and discard. NipGuards are designed for a single use.