RunGuard Original – Instructions

RunGuard Original is very easy to use.

      1. On first use, pull cap to open product. This breaks the safety seal that ensures product has not been tampered with.
      2. Twist the screw at the bottom of the container to expose product.
      3. Apply liberally to all areas of your body that are susceptible to rubbing or chafing during workouts (see below).
      4. When workout is over, scrub with washcloth, warm water and soap to remove.
NOTE: RunGuard is both waterproof and sweatproof, so removing product after workout will require more effort than just simply washing and rinsing with soap!!!

Common areas on the body where RunGuard Original is effective at eliminating or reducing chafing include:

      Inner thighs
      Under heart rate monitor
      Feet, toes and heels
      Any other areas where chafing or rubbing may occur